Hounslow Action for Youth

The HANWORTH CENTRE is supported by HAY. Hay develop early intervention initiatives for young people at risk of being socially marginalised. The range of projects developed and run by HAY is unique in that it provides support for children, young people and families all the way from the pre-school years through to young adulthood and beyond, with emphasis on prevention through early intervention wherever possible.

Inspire Hounslow have supported a number of projects which include the HAY BEEKEEPING PROJECT and we are also funding their Young Women’s Project for the second year running.

The Young Women’s Project is a 20 week programme that will provide the following activities; dance, music/poetry/singing, the ‘Life Choices’ programme, jewellery making, drama, healthy eating and a residential experience. The continuation of the project will enable and educate the young women on specific issues such as Self Esteem, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Healthy Relationships, Self-Harm, Risky Behaviour and Raising Aspirations.

The Outcome is a residential that is beneficial to these young women so they can experience life outside of their own community. An adventure experience will help them to learn to manage themselves in uncertain environments. Such an experience can be a real boost to self-esteem, especially for some who feel they have not previously excelled. Some of these young women can discover for the first time that they can succeed, a discovery that will have a direct effect on their future engagement and motivation.

More projects

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The Treaty Shopping Centre, Bell Rd and Bell Square will feature Night of Festivals

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