Our Vision

To inspire disadvantaged young people in Hounslow to succeed and live a fulfilling future, contributing to society.

Our Values

Our values are fundamental to Inspire Hounslow. They are integral to the charitable work we do and how we do it. Helping people to help themselves is at the heart of everything we do.

Previously under another other name the charity successfully provided services to Hounslow Council for10 years. The Board of Trustees decided that as the charity would no longer be a service provider, the charity should redefine itself to maximise the use of the available funds. The objective is to become a self sustaining charity that invests in charitable activities that eventually provide returns that can be reinvested in further charitable activities. This will enable us to keep the core funding invested and earning interest.

It is appreciated that this cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore the charity has invested in small projects that will benefit our target clients (young disadvantaged people working, studying or living in Hounslow Borough). Thus the charity can demonstrate its value and enable us to develop its charitable activities in partnership with others on larger projects that do have a return.

Examples of charitable activities Inspire Hounslow are progressing:

Community Engagement
Funding various youth organisations within the borough.

Skills and Training
A project that trains young people for jobs in the building industry.

Environmental Activities
Working in partnership on a project that engages unemployed young people in horticulture.

Cultural Activities
Providing funds for musical training and instruments.

Sporting Activities
A water sports summer project for young people.

Inspire Hounslow is currently looking for potential partnerships that will enable them to progress to a self sustaining charity. Why not GET IN TOUCH to see if we can help.