Feltham Arts Association

IH supported Feltham Arts Association in 2019 by sponsoring workshops for the development of a brochure for the 2019 Feltham Arts Festival.

Festival Brochure Exhibition

To coincide with the launch of this year’s Feltham Festival 2019, this series of beautiful, vibrant and eye catching artworks will be on display for the month of May.

Over the course of three days in late February and early March, young people from Rivers Academy, Feltham worked with artists Nadine Fletcher, Aysha Khan, Sarah Hubacher and Libby Jones to create these stunning images.

The fifteen students had the opportunity to learn photo imaging techniques in Adobe Photoshop and prepare digital pictures to be used to create silk screens. They were then taught the screen printing process over two days and individually made a variety of work, each one formed over several painted and printed layers.

These images were produced to decorate this year’s Feltham Festival 2019 brochure, which has been designed by Andrea Smith. In addition to this, 20 images have been selected and put on display for the public to enjoy.

Download the Feltham Festival 2019 Brochure

Feltham Arts would like to thank Inspire Hounslow, the London Borough of Hounslow and Rivers Academy for supporting this project.

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