Inspire Hounslow invests in projects to benefit disadvantaged young people

What we do

Inspire Hounslow primarily focus on disadvantaged young people in the London Borough of Hounslow by supporting:

  • Projects that enable and empower young people to develop and grow
  • Projects that help provide amenities for young people
  • Projects that drive positive change within the community

Examples of charitable activities Inspire Hounslow would consider funding for:

Community Engagement – We help develop project and programmes that facilitate community change e.g. funding a project held by a youth centre within the Borough.

Skills and Vocational Training – We help create environments for jobs and workplace inclusion e.g. a project that trains young people for jobs in the building industry.

Environmental Activities – We help young people reconnect and re-engage with nature e.g. working in partnership on a project that engages unemployed young people in horticulture.

Cultural Activities – We help create environments arts, sports and social activities to promote inclusion e.g. providing funds for musical training and instruments.

Sporting Activities – We sponsor projects that help young people stay fit and active e.g. water sports summer project for young people.