Volunteer Trustees Wanted

We have supported a number of great charities in the Borough but we want to help more, can you help us?

Inspire Hounslow has a remit to provide charitable services to ‘people who live, work or study’ within the London Borough of Hounslow. There is presently a Board of eight Trustees, who have decided that the charity’s current activities should primarily, though not exclusively, be directed towards helping young disadvantaged people.

To this end, we are seeking to recruit additional Trustees who will help to implement this strategy.

A broad awareness of the Hounslow community is important, and a willingness to participate in local activities would be necessary. These activities could be related to employment, education, sport or leisure.

We would particularly welcome people with marketing expertise and those from the diverse communities of Hounslow.

To be considered for this post please complete and submit the online application form below. Alternatively you can download the Trustee Application form, and then scan and email once completed to leonie.cowen@lcowen.co.uk . Or post to Léonie Cowen & Associates, 30 Kingswood Avenue, Queens Park, London NW6 6LR. (Charity No 1104413)

Online application form

The existing Trustees will use your response on this form to assess the skills, experience and interests of those people who have applied to become a trustee. It will help the Trustees if you can be as specific as possible about, for example, your reasons for wanting to become a Trustee and what skills, experience or interests you will be able to bring to the role.

Please give the names and addresses of two people (other than relatives) whom we can apply to for a reference:-

Reference 1

Reference 2

“Any reference in this Part to a local authority is a reference to a body of one of the following descriptions:-

a local authority (including a parish).
a fire, police or waste authority.
a joint authority of any of the above.
a number of other peripheral organisations.